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Cheap and Easy Tips to Showcase Your Kitchen

Posted on | November 11, 2009 | No Comments

Cheap and Easy Tips To Showcase Your Kitchen -  Brought to you by your friendly Atlanta Home Stager!

How important is the kitchen when selling your home? Ask any buyer and you’re bound to hear that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms. Why? Buyers know that they will be spending a considerable amount of time in the kitchen; whether it’s cooking the meals or entertaining, the kitchen will no doubt get a lot of activity.

The good news is that there are some very affordable to no-cost solutions that any seller can implement.


Tip #1: If you don’t use it, lose it. Counter top space is important to a buyer. As a result, you want to create as much ‘visual real estate’ as possible.  An easy solution is to remove those items that are NOT used on a daily basis.  Mixers are a great example.

Tip #2: Add some light.

guy with lamp shade on his head

Well sure, you could add a lamp shade to your head but… not quite sure how effective that will be. Instead, try placing a small lamp to your counter top as it will help warm up the space.

Cleaning supplies Tip #3:  Clean. And then clean some more.

It’s simply amazing how a little cleaning can go such a long way. Not only will the kitchen shine

it will smell clean as well.  Yup, another simple tasks that anyone can implement.

P.S. Those are scouring pads and not pieces of coal. Just sayin (smile).

Tip #4: Organize your cupboards. Trust me, buyers will be opening your cupboards and with reason.  A neat and organized cabinet will allow the prospective buyers to see how much space they’ll have.

Tip #5: Give your cabinets an instant facelift with new knobs and drawer pulls. You’re going to be amazed at how big a transformation this will have on your kitchen.  Now… do yourself a favor and shop around for the best price. Check the internet, flyers, etc… to find any sales.

If you missed my previous post on How to Showcase Your Bathroom for Less than $100.00 just click on that link and you’ll be taken directly there.


Home Staging Atlanta is Expanding

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Home Staging Atlanta is Expanding

One of my objectives, as a professional home stager in Atlanta, is to ensure I have and use the right accessories for each of the homes we stage. It’s important to have a variety of all kinds of lamps, rugs, throw pillows, etc… from which to select.

When we stage a home in and around Atlanta, we have three major objectives to meet when making the selection of the furniture and accessories that will be used in the vacant property.

  • The Style of the Home – A traditional home needs traditional decor. For example, bringing in contemporary lamps won’t work. On the other hand, a contemporary home would look odd with heavy traditional-like furniture.
  • The Demographics of the Buyer - Knowing if the buyers will be young or old, with or without children are two important elements when it comes time to choose the pieces that will be used in the home.
  • The Price Point of the Home – We’ve staged millions of dollars of real estate throughout Atlanta. The homes have ranged from from as low as $89K to over $3M. The accessories, while all nice, need to be appropriate for their surroundings.

To accommodate these three objectives takes a lot of accessories. At HomeStagingAtlanta, we’ve made it a point to ensure we have them all on hand; making the home staging as effective as we possibly can. Fortunately, we’ve just expanded our warehouse space. In fact, we doubled our space.

What does this mean to the sellers? It means that whatever your home may need in order to help it sell more quickly – we’ll have it on hand.


Model Home Staging in Atlanta, GA

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Model Home Staging in Atlanta, GA

It feels good saving investors and builders money; especially in this economy. Prior to home staging, builders and investors had to fork out thousands of dollars (upwards of $70K) to have one of their homes decorated. They had to purchase the furniture and accessories and typically used firms that specialized in model home decor. Thru Home Staging, there are now affordable solutions that provide the exact same objective but at a fraction of a cost.

Yesterday, while moving this model home in Atlanta from one home to the next, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting two potential buyers. They paid a visit to the unit I just de-staged and then entered the home I had moved it to. I could hear them. Their excitement couldn’t be contained. In fact, one of them came over to tell me what an “artist” I am. Trust me, I’ve never viewed myself as an artist as I can barely draw a stick figure (I wished I was kidding). However, I took it as a compliment and thanked her immensely.

Here’s a picture of the kitchen I had just completed before they entered the home:

Home Staging Atlanta, GA

Home Staging Atlanta, GA

Home Staging and more specifically (smile) can literally save builders and investors thousands of dollars in getting their homes to stand out and help them sell more quickly.  How do I know? I’ve helped hundreds throughout Atlanta.


Atlanta Home Staging Before & After Pictures

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Atlanta Home Staging Before & After Pictures

It feels so good to help a seller sell their home more quickly. Our Atlanta Home Staging services are truly making an impact on how quickly a home sells.  Case in point, this home featured in the post How this Atlanta Investor Sold His Home in 24 Hours is just one example. Another Atlanta investor we’ve been working with for the past few months is now on home number 5. Each of those homes have gone under contract in less than 2 weeks. We’re now scheduled to do upwards of 10 homes per month beginning in January.

There’s a formula for this success and it boils down to three main things:

  • Price
  • Marketing
  • Visual Appeal

The visual appeal is where home staging can help tremendously. Here’s a before and after picture of the home we staged just yesterday in Atlanta:

Vacant Home Staging in Atlanta

Vacant Home Staging in Atlanta

Here’s what the buyers will see now after having it professionally staged by

Home Staging Atlanta After Picture

Home Staging Atlanta After Picture

Here’s the same room with a slightly different angle:

Home Staging Atlanta After Picture

Home Staging Atlanta After Picture

Whether you’re an investor, real estate agent, homeowner or investor, we have the perfect solutions available to help sell your home more quickly.


RESA Named as Stevie Awards Finalist

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RESA Named as Stevie Awards Finalist

It brings me great pleasure to share with everyone that our very own Shell Brodnax AND RESA have both been named as finalist in the prestigious Stevie Awards. As the Regional Vice President for the Southeast Region, I couldn’t be more happy for the association itself and for Shell.

The Real Estate Staging Association® (RESA®) The trade association for professional home stagers was named as Finalist in the Best Overall Company of the Year – Service Businesses category in the 6th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

Shell BrodnaxPresident/CEO of (RESA) is also a finalist in the Executive Non-Profit or Government category.

The Stevie Awards for Women in Business honor women executives, entrepreneurs, and the companies they run – worldwide. The Stevie Awards have been hailed as the world’s premier business awards. Stevie Finalist Logo

Nicknamed the Stevies for the Greek word “crowned,” winners will be announced during a gala event at the Marriott Marquis hotel in New York on Friday, November 13.  Nominated women executives and entrepreneurs from the U.S.A and several other countries are expected to attend.  The presentations will be broadcast live on radio in the U.S.A. by the Business TalkRadio Network.

A message from Shell:

“Many people have worked very hard at RESA® to grow our association and bring legitimacy to the Real Estate Staging Industry. It is very exciting and an honor to be a finalist in the Stevie Awards.  This award is for every single member of RESA that has given their time, ideas and volunteerism in order to make RESA® what we are today.”

A message from the president of The Stevies:

“Being named a Finalist in The Stevie Awards for Women in Business is an important achievement,” said Michael Gallagher, president of the Stevie Awards.  “It means that independent business executives have agreed that the nominee is worthy of recognition.  We congratulate all of the Finalists on their achievement and wish them well in the competition.”

Details about The Stevie Awards for Women in Business and the list of Finalists in all categories are available at The Stevie Awards are conferred in four programs: The American Business Awards, The International Business Awards, The Stevie Awards for Women in Business, and The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service.  Honoring organizations of all types and sizes and the people behind them, the Stevies recognize outstanding performances in the workplace worldwide.  Learn more about The Stevie Awards at

Congratulations, Shell & RESA!

More About Real Estate Staging Association®

The Real Estate Staging Association is the member run trade organization for professional real estate (home) stagers in North America. We provide support services and educational resources for professional stagers in addition to providing vital information regarding the benefits of staging to Realtors and consumers. For more information on staging or to hire a professional stager, contact Shell Brodnax or visit the RESA Web site at   or call 800-201-8687


How to Showcase Your Bathroom for less than $100

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How to Showcase Your Bathroom For Less than $100

We’re all looking for low-cost solutions and I have a few up my sleeve that can help tremendously. As a professional home stager serving the Atlanta, GA area, I’ve seen these tips implemented with great success.

A trip to a local home improvement store and a discount home decor store and for less than $100.00, you can easily help transform your bathroom and help turn it into a showcase of a room.

Here are a few low cost solutions:

  • Re-caulk – One of the easiest and least costly items is to remove the old caulk and replace with new. A tube should cost approximately $6.00 and can be used to caulk around the sink and bathtub. You’re going to be amazed at just how big of a difference it will make.
  • Toilet Seats – Replacing the seat will create a fresh clean look.  Replacement costs can vary greatly. A low cost solution wBathroom Sinkould be approximately $12.00
  • Cleaning Supplies – Removing the film from shower doors, bathtubs, sinks, etc… will help make the bathroom shine. Approximate cost $15.00. But don’t stop there. Cleaning the faucets and mirrors will further make it shine.
  • Replace Towels - showcasing a set of fresh and fluffy towels will make the room inviting and welcoming. Two bath towels and two hand towels can be purchased at discount home decor stores for less than $25.00.
  • Store your personal hygiene items - a real simple solution is to purchase plastic bins that you can then store under the sink. Approximate cost – $4.00 per basket.
  • Replace shower curtain and hooks – small change, big reward. Shower curtains (and nice ones at that) can be purchased for as low as $7.00. Hooks can range from $5.00 to $10.00
  • Replace light switch covers – Another extremely low cost solution that can truly make a difference. Approximate cost $3.00 per switch.
  • Paint - A simple, yet very effective solution is to paint the walls. The average bathroom should take no more than a gallon of paint. And while paint prices can vary greatly by product and by store, a real low-cost solution is to look in the oopsie section. The oopsie section contains paint that, for whatever reason, didn’t turn out to the customer’s satisfaction. A gallon of paint typically goes for $5.00 a gallon

In addition to the solutions above, there are some no-cost solutions that will also help. Here are a few tips to further help transform your bathroom:

  • Remove toilet seat covers
  • Toss all items under the sink that you no longer need or use.
  • Wash floor rugs
  • Shop within your own home for artwork that you can use in the bathroom

These tips on how to showcase your bathroom for less than $100.00 were brought to you by your friendly Atlanta Home Stager, Kathy Nielsen. In my next blog, I’ll be sharing low-cost solutions for the kitchen.  Stay tuned…


How This Atlanta Investor Sold His Home in 24 Hours

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How this Atlanta Investor Sold His Home in 24 Hours

As a professional home stager in Atlanta, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with many investors. What I’ve discovered is that most have worked staging into the budget – resulting in home after home getting professionally staged. It’s truly a win-win proposition for everyone involved; including the buyer. The investor sells more quickly, the agent on the listing leverages the fact that the home looks great and the buyer is provided with solutions on how to decorate their new home.

In the case of this home, the investor had me stage on a Thursday and the following day the home went under contract. Here’s precisely what he did:

  • He used a great agent
  • He priced it right
  • He made the home look beautiful thru home staging

Now here are a few photos of the home as it appeared to the buyers:

Master Bedroom After Home Staging:

Home Staging Atlanta Master Bedroom After Picture

Home Staging Atlanta Master Bedroom After Picture

Home Staging Atlanta - Bathroom

Home Staging Atlanta - Bathroom

Home Staging Atlanta Living Room

Home Staging Atlanta Living Room


Atlanta Home Staging – Before and After Pictures Included

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Atlanta Home Staging Before and After Pictures

Last week, I found I had beat out a competitor for a vacant home staging here in Atlanta. I “won” the bid because the seller liked my style better than my competitors. It was a nice compliment as I make a concentrated effort with each staging to insure I’m using the right pieces.

So, what’s my style? A clean and sophisticated look.  Why? Because it works for the majority of the buyers.

At, we understand what it takes to make the home the focus and not our things. Every item brought into a vacant home we stage is carefully considered. If the item has the potential to be distracting, it simply won’t be used. On the other hand, if the item will help focus the buyers’ eye on the features of the home, then it’s added.

Here is a picture of the living room before being professional staged:

Vacant Home Staging in Atlanta, Georgia

Vacant Home Staging in Atlanta, Georgia

Here’s what the room looks like after:

Vacant Home Staging After Picture

Vacant Home Staging After Picture

Our tenured team of experienced home stagers has truly helped sell many homes more quickly in the Atlanta market. For vacant properties, we will visit the home at no charge to the seller. Contact us today to schedule: 678 522 8392.


Atlanta Home Staging Portfolio

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Atlanta Home Staging Portfolio

I spent some time this morning going thru some of my after pictures of the homes I’ve staged in Atlanta, Georgia. The purpose of this exercise was to update my portfolio page here on my blog site.

As I reflect back, it’s amazing given that the one thing most of these homes had in common is that they were vacant when we started.

Here are a few of some of my favorite home stagings:

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Vacant Home Staging in Atlanta

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Vacant Home Staging In Atlanta

We just completed a new home staging project here in Atlanta that I’m anxious to share with you. The transformations, thru home staging, can sometimes be dramatic; especially if the home is vacant.

Here are a few before and after photos of the home.

Atlanta Home Staging Project

Before Picture

Atlanta Home Staging Project - After Picture

After Picture

Before and After Picture – Home Staging in Atlanta

Home Staging Atlanta - Master Bedroom Before Picture

Master Bedroom Before Picture

Home Staging Atlanta - Master Bedroom After Picture

Master Bedroom After Picture

The challenge for many prospective buyers is that they lack vision. Often times when viewing a vacant room, they’re left wondering if their furniture will indeed fit in the space. Buyers can also be left confused as to how to arrange their own furniture.

With home staging, the buyers are treated to rooms that are warm and welcoming; they’re also given instant solutions on how best to utilize the space the home has to offer.

If you have a vacant listing or home, we have the perfect solution.

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Georgia Interior Solutions (GIS), LLC is Atlanta Georgia’s Premier Home Staging Provider. Owner and Real Estate Staging Expert, Kathy Nielsen has appeared on the pages of Atlanta Magazine, Atlanta Home Improvement; Atlanta Business Chronicle and the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  You can also see one of her staged homes on HGTV’s hit show Sleep On It.

With their extensive home staging portfolio, you’ll quickly learn that they have the experience and knowledge on what it takes to make your home and/or listing appeal to the prospective buyers.  Contact them today for your free no-obligation appointment:  678 522 8392

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